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When Lightning Strikes by Kay & Bobby Brunson

When Lightning Strikes: One Man's Journey to Heaven and Back: A True Story of Hope and Grief"If you are afraid of dying, wonder about Heaven, or can't visualize your loved one with Jesus, then this is the book for you to read. My husband, Bobby Brunson, was struck by lightning and died for 28 recorded minutes, only to return with a stunning, life-altering glimpse of the hereafter. Here, he recounts his journey to our Heavenly home and lends his perspective on death. Bobby shares his story with people in churches, hospitals, civic meetings, and any occasion that may present itself. Thousands have seen the expression of joy on his face when he talks about Jesus. His love in sharing his trip to Heaven with others is contagious, and his trust in God in the realities of everyday living is real. This is a message of hope for the terminally ill, a message of peace for those whose loved ones have passed on, and a book filled with his anticipation of seeing our Lord again. Bobby's message is simple: God loves us all the same, don't sweat the small stuff, and live life in a way to make Heaven your ultimate home. The story of Bobby walking on golden streets, talking with his deceased father, and holding the hand of Jesus make it a must read for those looking for assurance and a way to deal with death and dying. I have watched as Bobby has talked with people and witnessed their enthusiasm to talk with a man who talked with Jesus. His story never fails to touch them, and it won't fail to touch you." - Kay Brunson

I Give This Book1-1/2 stars

My Thoughts:
'When Lightning Strikes' is a book that can be read very quickly, as it has only 98 pages and the size of type is quite large too. The type was too bold for my eyes and so reading was a bit of a strain. However, the size of the book itself is just right (I found it very comfortable to hold) and the finish on the book is also very nice.

There were a few things that I have a problem with in this book. When Bobby is in "Heaven" before he returns back to earth, he asks "Jesus" when he is coming back and "Jesus" says he can't say. When Bobby asks why, "Jesus" says, and I quote, "Because if I tell you then you will tell others, and they will try to wait until the last possible minute to accept me."(page 37). Now it says in the Bible (Matthew 24:36) that only God the Father knows the time that Jesus will return. Only the FATHER. So this quote from "Jesus" in the book is scripturally inaccurate.

Another thing that I have a problem with is when Bobby comes back to life. He has to go to the hospital and isn't responsive until the tenth day of being in the hospital and even then he has to go through rehabilitation. Every time that God raised someone from the dead in the Bible they were alive and well instantly. They weren't pale & ashen, on a respirator or anything like that. Now, I know some people will say that God uses doctors today, where He couldn't before, because God is too busy to do all those little things - but isn't that lessening God's power. If He could speak the world into existence with one sentence, couldn't He have fully healed Bobby with one sentence? Of course He could and I believe that if God had sent him back to earth to tell everyone about His imminent coming, He would have.

I personally don't believe that Bobby went to Heaven and then returned to tell about it, but I think that he might have had a vivid dream while he was in his coma. I have heard of coma patients being able to hear while being in a coma people who are talking to them. So maybe someone was talking about Heaven, reading the Bible, or something like that. I truly believe that Bobby believes his story and so that would be the only explanation that makes any sense.

'When Lightning Strikes' really made me think more about Heaven and made me search the Scriptures for more about it. When the Bible talks about streets of gold, I always thought gold like we have here on earth. Gold that is full of impurities and is cloudy, but in the book he described gold that was so perfect that you could see through it. And it made me realize that anything in Heaven would be in its most pure form and so nothing here on earth could compare to it. So I guess that is one of the good things that I took away from this book.

Overall, I found this book to be an interesting read. If you like to read books about outer body experiences or coming back to life, you should enjoy this book. However, due to the scriptural inaccuracies, I cannot recommend this book.

I would like to thank the authors for sending me a complimentary copy of their book to review through Bostick Communications. I was asked to give my honest opinion of the book, which I have done.

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