Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Mo' Broke: Seven Keys to Financial Success from a Christian Perspective by Horace McMillon

No Mo' Broke: Seven Keys to Financial Success from a Christian PerspectiveGive More. Save More. Live More.

At last, a personal finance book for those of us who hate personal finance books. What this book is not, long dry and dull. What this book does is to provide the seven key concepts to financial success from a Christian perspective, humorously illustrated and concisely explained.

I Give This Book:1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

My Thoughts:
'No Mo' Broke' is a great book that is very well organized and easy to read - with only 68 pages! Though I personally am not in debt, I found this book to be helpful in creating a budget and becoming and staying debt-free. I think that the tools in 'No Mo' Broke' will help those who are in debt. It gives the facts, explains how to get out and stay out of debt, how to budget, explains how much things actually cost to buy, and more!

I found the second key the most eye-opening. It explains how money works, how many hours it takes to pay for something you may want to purchase. You may think that because you make $10 an hour that you only have to work 2 hours to buy something that costs $20, but you have to first take off all taxes, tithes, bills and other obligations that you may have. After that, you might only have a couple dollars of disposable income. That really makes me think before I go to purchase something now.

'No Mo' Broke' is a book that I highly recommend, especially to those who are in debt or who want an easy-to-read book that teaches about finances.

***I received this book from the author through Bostick Communications for me to review. I was not required to give a positive review, but only asked to give my honest opinion - which I have done.***
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