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The Call of Zulina - Kay Marshall Strom

Book 1 in the "Grace in Africa" series.

The Call of Zulina (Grace in Africa, #1)The Call of Zulina by
          Kay Marshall Strom
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  (From Back Cover)

The daughter of slave traders helps lead a revolt against injustice.

----------West Africa, 1781----------

Grace Winslow, the daughter of a mixed marriage between an English sea captain and an African princess, is swept up in a slave revolt after she escapes the family compound to avoid an odious betrothal.

As the truth about the fortress of Zulina unfolds, Grace begins to grasp the brutality and ferocity of the family business - the capture and trade of slaves.

Despite being held for ransom, viciously maimed by a runaway slave, and threatened with death, Grace sympathizes with the plight of the captives. She is especially moved by the African Cabeto's passion, determination, and willingness to sacrifice anything, including his own life, for his people's freedom. Leaning on the faith of her nanny Mama Muco, Grace risks everything to follow her heart.

I give this book 1 star1 star.

My Thoughts:

The majority of this story takes place in the fortress of Zulina and the story seemed to just drag on forever. There were parts of it I enjoyed but overall I didn't and I had to force myself to just finish it. The book ends in such a way that I plan on reading the next book (even though most of "The Call Of Zulina" was so boring) because it just left me hanging and I hate not knowing what happens. If anyone has read this book and has a different opinion than the one I have, leave a comment and explain your thoughts on this book. I personally would not recommend "The Call Of Zulina" to anyone.

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