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The Cat in the Window: And Other Stories of the Cats We Love edited by Callie Smith Grant (Review)

People love their pets--cats more so than any other (or so the "cats" would like to think). And if there is anything cat-lovers enjoy almost as much as stroking their beloved feline friends, it's reading about cats. In the tradition and style of her previous smash hits, Callie Smith Grant brings readers a brand-new collection of uplifting stories about the amazing creatures that warm our hearts--and our laps! With stories from Melody Carlson, Jill Eileen Smith, Robert Benson, Kathi Lipp, and many others, "The Cat in the Window "offers the perfect excuse to curl up on the couch with a furry friend.

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The Cat in the Window is a collection of cat stories by many different authors which includes: Melody Carlson, Jill Eileen Smith, and Kathi Lipp just to name a few.

Almost all of the stories were great, each in their own way, but I'm sorry to say that a couple were kind of boring. However that's the great thing about having so many different stories in one book, something sure to spark your interest if you love animal stories.

I love the cover and think it's a perfect fit with the title of the book. However, the images of cats used inside the book are a different story. While I think they were adorable they kind of took away from the story since many of them didn't match up with the description of the cat in the story being told. One example of this is one of the stories is about a yellow Persian, but has the image of a tabby - so while the image was cute it didn't fit with the story and to me actually took away from it a little. Why couldn't an image that more closely resembled the correct breed have been used?

So many of the stories, almost all of them in fact, had me chuckling and grinning. The couple other ones had me rolling my eyes or yawning, but at least those were really short.

A lot of the stories had people who let their cats outside for part of the day. While the stories brought about by this were cute I've never understood how people can do this, since most people would never consider doing this with their dog. The cat could be injured, get attacked by another animal, cruel children could hurt it, or it could be taken by animal control and if you don't find your pet in time and it's not adopted it could be euthanized. Not to mention the inconvenience to your neighbors if your cat does it's business in their yard.

I think any cat lover would greatly enjoy The Cat in the Window.

***I received a complimentary copy of this book to review. I was asked to give my honest opinion of the book - which I have done.***

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